14 May 2013

Here is the set of 6.7 clincher rims built up on English Aero hubs. I then used NoTubes tape, valve stem and sealant to set them up tubeless with Hutchinson Fusion 3 tires. Irritatingly I forgot to weigh them before mounting the tires, but the complete weight as shown is 2232g.

With the release of the clincher versions of the 6.7 and 3.4 rims, Enve reset their pricing – the clinchers are all at the previous tubular price of $975/rim, whilst the tubulars have dropped to $899/rim. The new clinchers and the just-released 8.9 tubulars are now up on the rims page.

And here is Parker’s tri frame fresh out of the jig – just tacked together at this point, ready for an alignment check and then brazing the joints.



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