English Cycles Race Team


This all happened by accident, I wanted to have some kit to go along with my bikes, maybe have a few bits to offer on the side as well but I never intended to have my own racing squad. Now there are seven of us it’s probably best to introduce you to my friends and cohorts that make up the English Cycles Race Team. These past few years we’ve become much more than a group of folks who wear the matching kit and show up to races, we’ve become close friends and developed a strong bond through the bad and the good. At our core we recognize this is a hobby (maybe…dependency) and we’re all doing this sport because it’s our passion and not our profession; bikes are amazing, fun and always put you in a good mood. We try to keep it that way. Now, I’d like to introduce you to my friends.

[Quick note: this page was commandeered and written by Rob’s teammate Andrew, who’s unparalleled sock game and bike fanaticism compelled him to put together the team bios; any edits, issues, questions, comments, concerns, gratuity, etc. can be directed toward him, er…me.]


Lee Ordonez (“O.G.”)


Lee was the first rider to fly the EC colors, despite moving  further North than we would prefer, he still stays in contact and does a bit of racing. This guy is always up for an adventure, mountain bike, gravel bike, road bike it doesn’t matter. Clara, Adam and Lee could fill a room with stories from their bike adventures (usually involving running out of something). Mr Ordonez has a flare for fashion and when he’s not winning races or making you regret that bus stop burrito before tackling that next ridgeline climb, you may find him striking a pose for the paparazzi.

-Lately he’s been a bit to busy to track down for an interview, we spoke with his agent and are waiting to hear back, stay tuned.-



Clara Terrell (Powerhouse)


She is a force to be reckoned with, when she’s not racing (mostly winning) she’s running (and mostly winning) or promoting bike racing here in the Willamette Valley (again, winning). Clara spends her time playing music, with her cats, relaxing on her back deck, building fires, cleaning her bike or going out for a leisurely bike ride to some remote place in Oregon. In her off season she likes to run 50k trail races, enough said.

  • Favorite beverage?  Chocolate Perpetuem in warmish water
  • What was your best ride? Most of the top ten are in the Willamette
    National Forest. Especially that one when Lee and Adam ran out of water, or that other one when Lee and Adam ran out of water
  • If you were a bike part what would you be/ why? Front derailleur. Because I like parallelograms and I’m arguably obsolete
  • How long have you been racing bicycles? 7 years
  • What is the best dessert? I could use a mango about now
  • Favorite race? Cascade Cream Puff
  • Anything else? Happy to be a member of this fine team



  • 1st- Oregon Coast Gravel Epic 2017, 2014
  • 1st- Cascade Cream Puff 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013
  • 1st- Oregon State Championship Road Race, Cat3 2016
  • 1st- Oregon State Championship Time Trial, Cat3 2016
  • 1st- Oregon Triple Crown, 2016




Colby Wait-Molyneux (Ringer / Cujo)

There are many things to be said about this young man, he’s fast, polite, young, fast and well…fast. Colby has raced both in the states and in Europe and has finally found his spot with EC. It’s a pleasure to race and ride with him, if only he wasn’t based in Vancouver we’d see a bit more of his boyish good looks and fast legs. On top of all that, he’s wrapping up his college career and looking forward to his next big life adventure. Here’s what he’s got to say for himself:

  • What is your favorite phrase? “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle.” -JFK
  • Favorite beverage? Lemonade
  • What was your best ride? Le Tour de L’Abitibi Time Trial (2011)
  • If you were a bike part what would you be/ why? Crankset, because I feel that it is a, fairly, vital component
  • How long have you been racing? 11 years
  • What is the best dessert? Anything and everything
  • Favorite race? OBRA TTT
  • Favorite Ride? Bull Run/Larch Mountain (Corbett, Oregon)


1st-Le Tour de L’Abitibi Time Trial
3rd-General Classification Le Tour de L’Abitibi
1st-High Desert Omnium Time Trial
1st-General Classification Eugene Celebration
1st-OBRA Hill Climb
1st-High Desert Omnium Time Trial
1st-Washington State TT
1st-Washington State TT
1st-Rainier Road Race
1st-OBRA Hill Climb
1st-High Desert Omnium General Classification
1st– Washington State TT

Adam Kennedy (Optimist Prime)
Having a bad day, need a pick me up? Go spend some time with this guy. Mr. Kennedy is one of the most optimistic faces you’ll find on the bike racing scene. Effectively living and working in the woods he’s constantly refreshed and able to put a ray of sunshine on your cloudy day. You’ll find Adam tearing apart any and every gravel or dirt road he can get his bike through, occasionally he’ll bring along his wonderdog Cypress to join him trailside. Don’t be fooled by his kind nature though, Adam is a fierce competitor, a time trial and breakaway specialist who loves nothing more than to turn the screws a little tighter when on the front. Adam is also an avid gardener.
  • What is your favorite phrase? The top is just around the corner; Does Clara have extra snacks?
  • Favorite beverage? GT’s Kombucha Trilogy
  • What was your best ride? NF1802
  • Palmares: A couple small wins, mostly from long breaks that will never work
  • How long have you been racing? 11 years
  • What is the best dessert? I’ve waited almost half an hour in line at Sweet Life once with Lee and Clara, while Lee had food poisoning. I don’t remember what I ordered
  • Favorite race? Marys Peak Hill Climb  RR/TT
Stephen Rockwood (The Canadian)
This young one haphazardly found his way South from Newfoundland and has been hanging around the Eugene bike racing scene for a little while before coming to join our squad. Stephen has some of the fastest legs in the field and is always down for a hammer fest. A true competitor who likes to make life on the bike hard, fast and fun. Maybe someday he’ll learn how to not half-wheel his teammates in December (then again, maybe that’s why we’re so fast). Here’s what Mr. Rockwood has to say:
  • Favorite phrase – Of all that is written, I love only what a person has written in his own blood. -Nietzche
  • Favorite beverageMaple syrup
  • Best ride Irish loop , Southeastern Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland
  • Bike partChain, I like to do my best to keep a group pulling together
  • Racing time4 years
  • Best dessert Vegan chocolate cake with peanut butter Oreo ice cream
  • Favorite raceOBRA TTT to be specific or the TTT in general


  • 1st-Port Au Port Stage Race, Stephenville NL, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  • 1st-Red Kite Hurricane Crossfire Hillclimb TT, Patterson CA (course record) 2013
  • 1st-Menlo Park Grand Prix Crit, Menlo Park CA 2013
  • 1st-Pitts Memorial Time Trial Series, St. John’s NL  2013, 2014, 2015
  • 1st-Impact Stage Race, Pasadena NL  2014, 2015
  • 1st-Pouch Cove Classic Road Race, St. John’s NL 2015
  • 1st-St. John’s Triathlon Bike Leg, St. John’s NL 2015
  • 1st-The Unofficial Thursday Nighter Race, Eugene OR 1st At least 10 times 2016-2017
  • 1st-Twilight Time Trial Series, Coburg OR 2017
  • 1st-OBRA TTT, Brownsville OR 2017
  • 1st-Oregon Gran Fondo, Cottage Grove OR 2017
  • 1st-Rally the Valley Stage Race, Eugene OR 2017



Rob English (The Captain)
Some say hes a legend. Some say his legs spin so fast that he actually achieves vertical lift on climbs.  Some say that while time trialing, the wind actually moves out of his way; this is The Captain. Racing and riding all over the world, Rob has unparalleled race skill and legs to match.  If ever there was a fellow who walked his talk it’s Rob, frame building is not only his profession but his true passion and everything in his life is true to form. His house is an animal sanctuary, he has been vegan for 10 years (fun fact: 40% of the EC team is vegan), he and his wife live a sustainable and virtually car free lifestyle. Rob is the epicenter of English Cycles and is always there and supporting each and every one of us on our very worst and our very best days both on and off the bike.
  • What is your favorite phrase? ‘Something a good friend of mine said to me many years ago when I was complaining about not being able to time trial fast enough. He told me I needed to use a bigger gear. I replied I liked to spin. He said, “Exactly, use a bigger gear AND spin!” I think of that every time I race a TT.’ 
  • What is your favorite beverage? Erm….soy latte chai tea
  • What was your best ride? Ah, too many to choose from! Touring across the US in 2003 was probably the most life altering. Otherwise I’d just say my last ride…
  • If you were a bike part what would you be/ why? Hmm, the eccentric?
  • How long have you been racing? Showing my age now…25 years…
  • What is the best dessert? Anything chocolate and vegan
  • Favorite race? TTT
  • Anything else? I never set out to have an EC team, just wanted a bit of kit to ride in myself but this awesome group of people gradually came together and it has been a lot of fun. Thanks everybody!

Palmares? Blah blah blah… race results… blah. I’ve been doing this too long, here’s the ones that have meant the most to me:

  • 2nd- British student road race championship
  • 4th- British national hill climb championship
  • 1st – in our division in the Duo Normand 2-up TT (closed road, follow car, podium girls and a Credit Lyonnais lion!)
  • 1st- Eugene Celebration stage race by 0.4 second from Giant Pro Carl Decker!
  • 1st-All 7 wins in the OBRA TTT


 Andrew Neill (The Director)
 Andrew has just kept at it. From ill-advised training sessions as a student, to still not really grasping the concept of a true recovery ride, he has slowly but steadily improved. Finding his strengths in time trials, he has reached a consistently fast level which should only see him improve further. After chasing jobs up and down I-5, he finally made his way back to Eugene and couldn’t be happier living the vegan life with his wife as they ride their matching pair of English bikes. Whether its working on bikes, riding bikes, reading books about bikes, or watching bike races, Andrew is always up to date on the latest cycling news. Keep an eye out, you may occasionally see his fast legs show up to the race course.

What is your favorite phrase? How you do anything is how you do everything

Favorite beverage? Espresso…then more espresso

What was your best ride? Toss up between Alp d’Huez  or Pikes Peak…I like to go uphill. Eugene riding is pretty world class also, this is a difficult question

If you were a bike part what would you be/ why? Very supple tires, because it makes everything better

How long have you been racing? 10 years

What is the best dessert? Anything vegan and chocolate, bonus points if there’s coffee in it too

Favorite race? Time trial (I like to go fast in straight lines)

Anything else? I’m honored to be a part of this team

  • 1st OBRA TTT, 2017
  • 1st Revenge of the Disc 40K TT, 2017
  • 1st Twilight Time Trial series, 2017
  • 1st Deschutes River Valley TT Stage Race, 2016