Rims (and example builds)

Enve Composites, based in Utah, produce some of the finest carbon rims. With co-molded spoke holes, these are a very strong, yet lightweight choice, with both tubular and clinchers available. Made in the USA!

For a lightweight aluminium road wheel I recommend NoTubes Alpha 340; I can also build with any of their range of mountain bike rims.

Other options (Reynolds, DT, Kinlin, Velocity etc) are available as required.

Enve SES 2.2 tubular

Lightweight carbon tubular rim, perfect for climbing wheels. 25mm depth and Enve’s new braking surface. These can be built into a sub-1000g pair of wheels.

  • WEIGHT: 281g
  • PRICE: $899/rim

Enve SES 2.2 clincher

Enve’s lightest clincher rim, tubeless ready and with Enve’s new braking surface.

  • WEIGHT: 410g
  • PRICE: $975/rim


Enve SES 3.4 tubular

Enve’s best mix of aero and lightweight, the 3.4 (35mm front, 45mm rear) is unaffected by wind; particularly great for smaller riders who might get blown around with deeper rims. Now with the G2 brake track.

  • WEIGHT: 367g/392g
  • PRICE: $899/rim


Enve SES 3.4 clincher

Pretty light for a carbon clincher; that great Enve ride in a wheel you can use everyday.

  • WEIGHT: 458g/464g
  • PRICE: $975/rim


Enve SES 3.4 Disc clincher

This was Enve’s first disc specific road rim – removing the brake track saved about 50g rim, which helps to compensate for adding disc brakes. 24 spokes front and rear.

  • WEIGHT: 400g/415g
  • PRICE: $975/rim

Enve SES 4.5 tubular

Incredibly light given the 48/56mm depths, a great wheel for both time trials and road racing.

  • WEIGHT: 361g/399g
  • PRICE: $899/rim


Enve SES 4.5 clincher

These have been my go-to wheels for all road events for the last couple of years. Light, aero, and with a shape that is super stable even in strong winds.

  • WEIGHT: 469g/489g
  • PRICE: $975/rim


Enve SES 4.5AR disc clincher

This is quite an exciting addition to the Enve range. They have been optimised for tubeless 28mm road tires for both aerodynamics and ride quality. This means a massive 25mm internal width, and a hookless bead. Ride them anywhere! Despite the extra width the disc specific rim means they come out lighter than the standard 4.5.

  • WEIGHT: 440g/450g
  • PRICE: $975/rim

Enve SES 5.6 disc clincher

Aero? Check. Tubeless? Check. Light? Check. 54mm depth in front, 63mm in back.

  • WEIGHT: 450g/470g
  • PRICE: $975/rim




Enve SES 7.8 tubular

Enve’s redesigned ‘deep’ rims, at 71mm and 80mm deep, are actually faster than the previous 85/95 pairing! Great for time trials and flatter road races.

  • WEIGHT: 436g/468g
  • PRICE: $899/rim

Enve SES 7.8 clincher

  • WEIGHT: 541g/578g
  • PRICE: $975/rim

Enve SES 7.8 disc clincher

With disc brakes slowly taking over, including TT bikes, Enve now have a rim dedicated to a disc-braked pursuit of speed.

  • WEIGHT: 514g/549g
  • PRICE: $975/rim

Enve M series

Enve’s mountain rims runs the full spectrum from lightweight cross country to Plus size and downhill. The M50 clincher rim is also great for gravel bikes due to being wide, hookless and tubeless at a very light weight.

  • WEIGHT: 330g (M50)
  • PRICE: $975/rim



NoTubes Alpha 340


This is a very versatile rim, being light but strong and able to be run as a standard clincher or with a tubeless tire with NoTubes sealant. Suitable for training and racing, road and ‘cross, drillings are: 18/20/24/28/32.

  • WEIGHT: 385g
  • PRICE: $120


Example build:

Alpha 340 rims and Soul Kozak hubs, with Sapim CX-ray spokes laced 18 radial in the front and 24 two cross/radial in the rear.

  • WEIGHT:1260g
  • PRICE: $865
  • Add Hutchinson Fusion 3 or Atom tubeless tires (installed) for: $150 (other tires available on request)