20 December 2011

Project RIGHT moves on… progress is slow though, I keep having to stop to make tooling and figure out just how I am going to do the next step. The fork strut is on the right to match the frame, but of course disc calipers are designed to mount on the left. I decided to mount the BB7 caliper from one post mount and one support to the body bolt – this meant that I could remove the other post mount tab (which would have been sitting way out behind the fork due to the alignment with the rotor from the right), and also the cable stop from the caliper. I then took the actuation arm apart, and drilled a new hole for the spring to allow the arm to locate so that it would pull up to actuate. With an internal cable stop brazed into the leg, this then allows the brake to operate nicely upsidedown. A small dimple on the inside of the leg gives clearance for the 140mm rotor. The aluminium axle is press fitted into the steel socket, and that means the fork is basically done, apart from some cleanup prior to paint. Onto the stem/steerer next, which should be a bit more straightforward!


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