Roy’s TT fuselage

Roy’s TT fuselage

Roy’s TT build features a dropped headtube to integrate with the FSA/Vision stem and handlebar setup. The bars have lots of adjustment for the pad positions, so will allow for fine tuning of his position. A custom steel aero fork with airfoil section blades gives a clean profile, leading into the aero downtube and fairing behind the headtube. The ovalised seatmast has a custom cap for saddle height adjustments, with a cutout for the rear wheel. Modified Bentley track dropouts allow for tucking the rear wheel tightly to the seattube, no matter what tire size is being used. They also have stainless steel faces for durability.

Roy will be using a single chainring with an eTap rear derailleur, so no derailleur cable routing is required. The rear brake cable runs internally through the downtube.

Frame, fork, bar and stem painted by Colorworks.

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  1. Like the Bentley dropouts, esp after your mods. I can imagine the horizontal slots working well with chain-stay mounted brakes.

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