Custom Compact Road Bike

Custom Compact Road Bike

The best of both worlds – a compact steel tubed frame for stiffness with a long titanium seatpost for comfort. Using S3 and Platinum tubes from True Temper, along with machined dropouts and fittings, the frame weight rivals carbon at just 1138g. With a not particularly exotic build (Dura-ace, SRAM Force) and the standard wheels shown, this one weighs in at 15lbs. Or 13.5lbs with EDGE 1.68 carbon wheels. Custom fitted, with road racing geometry, this is a bike that is equally at home in a road race, a century ride or just for a spin on a sunny day….

Details include an ovalised downtube with internal cable routing (with the cables routed such that they do not touch the frame and thus the paint will not get scuffed), custom butted headtube and curved wishbone seatstays. The paint is a durable powder coat with a sapphire blue to midnight blue fade.

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