TransAm gear – Kali Tava helmet

TransAm gear – Kali Tava helmet

Finding the right helmet for the TransAm took a while. I wanted some form of ‘aero road’ helmet for speed. A mainly closed top to avoid sunburn to the scalp (been there before….). And most importantly, supreme comfort so that I could wear it 16 hours a day without complaint. As I was researching and reading reviews, I read good things about Kali and their Tava model. In addition to meeting the requirements, it also seemed to have a much smaller form than many helmets in that category, which was appealing. So I contacted Kali and explained what I was attempting to do, and they were kind enough to set me up with a couple of Tavas.

I can say without restraint that is by far the most comfortable helmet I have ever used! No pressure points, just put on and forget about it. It is a ways from being the best ventilated lid, but there is some airflow, and having the white helmet helps with reflection of heat on sunny days. There is a BOA dial for easy adjustment, and Kali’s LDL system (which offers similar function to Mips).

My teammates were also impressed with it – so much so that we ended up buying a Tava for everyone for that pro team look!

Many thanks to Kali for their support and great product.

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