9th April 2017

9th April 2017

We just wrapped up a good time at the Bespoked show this weekend – great to meet everyone who came by; especially the old friends I haven’t seen in over ten years!

The bikes were honored with four awards – Steve’s 953/carbon build received ‘best road bike’ awards from road.cc and The Cyclist magazine.  And Jon’s winter bike (will be posted here soon) was awarded the ‘Technical Excellence Award’ and the ‘Cycling UK Choice‘.

Many thanks to my mate Jon for all his help at the show, Matt from Talbot Frameworks for lending me stands for the bikes, and Steve, Paul and Jon for letting me show their bikes!





  1. Saw your bikes on GCN great work.
    Very cool

  2. In the Road.cc photos, who is real Rob English then?

  3. Nice work Rob. Congrats!

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