6 May 2012

English Cycles runs car-free, which means I haul everything by bicycle. Gas tanks go in trailers, tubing and frames fit in rear panniers. All good training when I have to ride over the hill to get into town! Here is Craig’s recumbent all boxed up and about to be towed in to ship out – always exciting to see the latest baby leave the nest! Misha and I try to do our bit to live low, so as well as not having a car, we are also vegan (my diet went in that direction for health reasons before I learnt more about the unpleasant factory farming of animals), and grow food ourselves too. As a racing cyclist, being vegan is awesome – I pretty much eat whatever I want and stay at my racing weight.



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  1. i can’t believe that!… i am just happy to hear that you are vegan!… i’ve been for two years, now i’m vegetarian, and want to come back… VERY COOL!!!
    all the best with building your bikes and everything!
    ciao 😉

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