5 January 2012

5 January 2012

I got to test ride the RIGHT bike today! The riding sensation was much as I expected: The rear of the bike feels indistinguishable to a regular frame, the single chainstay is very stiff. The front fork strut/wheel combination has a little flex when out of the saddle, but if I didn’t actually look at the wheel then it wasn’t noticeable.

The single speed feels about the perfect gear for general riding, and the belt drive is smooth and quiet as always. Now it is time for clean up of all the joints to get it ready for paint!



  1. image 4… unique view! cool!!! 😉

  2. Hi Rob,
    You might not remember me but i used to own Intension bike shop in Crowthorne.
    Been following you for a while and I’m blown away by your stuff.
    Could you tell me what size gearing your using on this awesome bike.
    Cheers Dick.

  3. Now that’s really interesting. I expected the rear to be a little flexible under load. I guess with the torque on one side of the stay and driving the wheel on the other it evens things out? Interesting! I suspect minimal weight savings if any as the single side stays are much beefier as well as that single sided fork. I am always amazed by your creations Rob. Kudos!


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