5 December 2011

5 December 2011
Jigging the back end of this thing is tricky. With a regular frame the stays are triangulated, and thus don’t move during the brazing process. With the mono-stay I have to keep the stay from moving with the heat, and ensure the ‘dropout’ remains perfectly in plane with the bottom bracket shell. I have the chainstay to BB junction fully brazed and everything aligned, so now I just need to clamp it firmly to the alignment table when I add the triangulation brace. You can see the lightening holes in the BB shell, and also how the rear hub will match with the frame (the ‘dropout’ has a keeper in it to prevent distortion during brazing). I was worried that the oversize chainstay with the reinforcement sleeve would be heavy, but it isn’t much more than a pair of chainstays. I’ll wait to finish off the back end until I have the wheel built, but will put the front triangle together this week.


  1. :)… mono-stay?! looking forward with the project! thanks! 😉

  2. Will it have the cassette on the other side of the hub like the Mike Burrows designs? I can’t wait to see this one!

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