4 August 2014

Three weeks on from the crash and two weeks since leaving the hospital – the healing process feels very slow but I think looking at the bigger picture I am making some progress. I am on a lot of heavy duty pain killers to cope with the pain in my ribs and my arm, but I am hoping to start reducing the doses to lift myself out of this drug-addled state. This is by far the longest time I have been off the bike – slow walking has pretty much been the extent of my exercising. Although I do have the recumbent set up on the trainer, with a stool to rest my arm on – I managed 30 minutes easy pedaling on it yesterday, so that is a start at least. Interesting to see the muscle loss – I have dropped over 6lbs so far…..

Today I had an initial acupuncture session – this will continue a few times a week, so along with physical therapy I can now be pro-active in the healing process. I am hopeful that the combination of Chinese and Western medicine will return function to my arm sooner.

Many thanks for all the messages of support and offers of help – all have been greatly appreciated whilst I have been mostly stuck at home on the couch.


  1. Rob, good to see you’re on the mend, albeit I’m sure slower than you’d like. Keep at it. You’re in our thoughts.

  2. You will be fast again. It’s good to grieve losses in fitness. I speak from 9 months of bed rest from a slew of back surgeries and accidents. I could barely walk. My wife, in her infinite wisdom, helped me stop measuring my losses from my past fit self with a few wise words; think of all the adventures you will get to have getting back into shape. Thanks for updating us all – even the people you don’t know who are rooting for you.

  3. Glad to hear you’re moving about Rob. Keep us posted on your progress. I could have a care pack of movies and books on the way down. Just say the word.
    Lots of people pulling for you out here!

  4. Sorry to hear about the crash. Hope you get well soon.

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