30 July 2015

30 July 2015

Well…. it has been a while! Although I figure I’ve been posting bikes, so that is news in itself. As that would imply, I have mostly been very busy building – this year was always going to be a bit busy playing catch up from last year. Since it is just over a year since my crash, I have been meaning to write an update on my progress, so here is the quick synopsis: After five months with no function in my left bicep, and having had two doctors tell me it wouldn’t come back, it finally showed a tiny sign of life in December. Lots of PT later, and I now have pretty good function in my whole arm. My main issues remaining are numbness down my arm and into my hand, which affects my dexterity, and some range of motion restriction and pain with the shoulder. But I can work and I can ride!

My fitness is reasonable, I’m still lacking a bit of strength that I lost while on the couch for three months last year, but I can keep working at that. I’m good enough to be competitive with the local scene – I’ve mostly stayed clear of mass-start events this year, but our local evening criterium has safe corners and a fairly small field of riders I know, so I have got my competitive outlet there. And I was rewarded with the win this week! The finish line shot is pretty good for showing that I have two working arms :-

The North American Handbuilt Bike show is back in Sacramento next year; I just signed up, so come visit there in February if you can.


  1. Nice to see that you’re not only building lots more lovely bicycles again, but racing fast and winning too. Looking forward to seeing your next NAHBS creations!

  2. “But I can work and I can ride!”
    “The finish line shot is pretty good for showing that I have two working arms”

    happy for you!
    best regards,

  3. Rob-

    We are so glad to see you’ve regained the use of your arm. That has to make a huge difference in your outlook on life.

    Jerome & Donna

  4. Yahoo!

  5. Since I am having a bike built (well, it’s done), Rob had already told me this, but I just want to jump on here publicly and say, congrats Rob on your great recovery.

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