30 July 2013

Although I finished my new TT bike in time for it’s ‘best in show’ winning appearance at NAHBS back in February, and then raced it once in May, it has spent most of the last weeks hanging in the workstand awaiting a few tweaks. Finally I have had time to adjust the headset bearings, remove drag from the BB and sort out the front brake. With the brake, I had tried to keep everything super clean and hidden by using a single centrally mounted spring, tucked under the fork crown. This worked okay, but not quite reliably enough, and it was very hard to independently adjust each side. So I machined some new pieces to enable a more conventional linear spring (made from a titanium spoke), with adjustment of each side available with a 9mm wrench. The brake now works very well, with the pads retracting nicely every time.

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  1. Looks awesome Rob!

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