25 February 2013

25 February 2013

Wow, best in show! Still feeling somewhat stunned, but very pleased! Great to meet everyone who came to see us at NAHBS, thanks for braving the snow yesterday :-

Photo thanks to Farid Abraham


We showed six bikes at NAHBS this year. The Aero Road bike has been on the site for a while, but the other five were all unveiled at the show – I just posted the pictures of David’s Endurance bike, and Scott’s Black Rainbow Divide Ride – look for the others to appear in the next few weeks as I’m able to get the shots taken.



  1. Completely deserved Rob! Your design and craftsmenship is on a whole other level! The bikes looked amazing on the stand!

  2. Heartiest congratulaions! Now I dare you to show us it’s fast.

  3. I am so happy for you. You could have won last year as well with the Superlight v2 and Project Right; however, I am thrilled that the judges saw the inspiration and supreme craftsmanship in these incredible handmade machines. One of my happiest days in cycling was the day that my English custom was delivered. A piece of art that I will always cherish and RIDE.

    Job well Done!!

  4. Hey Rob,

    Absolutely thrilled for you – you deserve this. I remember when you were first starting out and I shipped your first ENVE gear. Good for you.


  5. Congrats and well deserved!

    Can you share why you went with a horizontal top tube this time? Sure looks cleaner than the previous model.

    • Thanks! On my previous build the toptube was taper ovalised in the vertical plane, so that it was no wider than the seattube when it joined it. Being sheltered behind the headtube this meant the angle didn’t affect the frontal area at all, and so I choose to slope it to give the aesthetic I wanted (tangential to the rear wheel). On the new bike, there is no headtube to hide behind, and the toptube is ovalised in the horizontal plane to increase the lateral stiffness, so to minimise frontal area the tube needed to be level.

  6. SoO chuffed for you! Great to hear your errant genius is finally recognised. Best wishes to you and hope you keep coming up with ideas.

  7. Congrats. Just leafed through the Velonews photo display and am fully impressed. Well done.

  8. Wow. More photos please!

    • Studio shots will be coming! In the meantime, we can thank the folks at Slowtwitch and Velonews (amongst others) for posting some nice pictures taken at the show.

  9. Congratulations Rob!

    Always a joy perusing your creations,
    Just as it is a fond memory when we stopped on the way to
    Brian Piccolo velodrome to changes someones flat when you were world champion.

    A good man getting deserved recognition.

    Atlantic Beach, FL

  10. Rob. Congratulation bud! Looks awesome! You definitely deserve that award.

  11. Nicely done.

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