22 August 2011

22 August 2011

Yesterday was the Oregon hillclimb championship. I haven’t done this event before, but was able to fit in travelling up to Mt Hood along with delivering a bike in Portland (a customised, 11spd version of my winter bike – pictures up soon!), and meeting up with a customer at Athletes Lounge – I am building a triathlon bike for one of the owners which I am quite excited about (full Di2 integration, custom handlebars, very custom geometry).

Back to the race: As usual, I had high expectations; I hoped to win and perhaps break the course record. The climb starts at 4000ft and climbs up to the end of the paved road on Mt Hood, gaining 2000ft in 5 miles. Davis Sheppard, an up-and-coming young rider who has been getting close to me on the local climbs, had won the last two years and was back to defend. I started off well, closing 30 seconds on my minute man in the first 5 minutes, but apparently overcooked the effort a little with the altitude and was not able to maintain that pace (the rider in front would eventually finish just 5 seconds behind me on final time). I suffered through the rest of the course to stop the clock a close-but-not-enough 15 seconds behind Davis (and 37 seconds off the record). Ah well – still great to get to race such a great climb; the views (which I got to enjoy when I pre-rode the course at a more leisurely pace!) were spectacular, and I’ll know what to expect now if I make it back next year.

That concludes the Oregon championship events for me this year – I have finished up with every step of the podium: Third in the road race, second in the hillclimb and first in the time trial, so not too bad. Next up is the local stage race, the Eugene Celebration, which I have won for the last three years, so no pressure…..

In other shop news, I am just finishing up the design for the first English ‘cross bike, which will be next in the jig after the tri frame is done – about time I did a cyclo-cross bike considering the popularity here in Oregon!

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  1. Congrats on the placing! I can’t wait to see that cross machine.

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