18 June 2011

Last year I built a prototype narrow front hub for a time trial wheel. It performed very well, and actually proved to be a stiff enough wheel for more than just TTs – I have used it for road racing and criteriums too. By being paired with a deep section wheel the bracing angle can approach that of a conventional hub with a shallow rim, thus retaining the lateral stiffness but with a much narrower (and therefore more aerodynamic) frontal area. I have been working on a production version, and it is close to being ready! It will feature a more oversize axle than the prototype, to ensure good strength and stiffness with the narrow bearing stance, but retain the straight pull spokes and aero section end caps. There will also be a rear hub to match – the picture here is the rear shells ready for assembly. This is a more conventional design, flanged drive side and straight pull non-drive, with an aero end cap to aesthetically match the front. Estimated weights are 70g for the front and 170g for the rear. This hubset will be a great match with the new Enve 6.7 rims (60mm front, 70mm rear), of which I have just received my first sets. More pictures/details/pricing to follow soon!

In other racing news, it turns out that my time in the State TT last weekend was actually a new course record! Have to see if I can get it under 51 minutes next year….

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