13 December 2011

13 December 2011

A few more updates on the RIGHT project – I have machined the carrier for the screw-on freewheel and added the interface to the end of the axle. There are three steel pins between the axle and carrier to transmit the torque. An endcap clamps everything together. The hub is now polished and ready for anodising.

The Phil Wood screw-on belt drive freewheel arrived – and boy is it heavy! Shown disassembled on the scale, I then removed some excess material from the cog part which cut the weight down some; I may revisit this to get it down a bit further…..

In other news, for the latest Di2 bike I am putting the micro-usb charging port in a different location – this one will be in the seatmast cap. I machined a plastic mounting block to hold the port securely inside the cap with a single M4 screw.

It has been very cold here in Eugene the last couple of weeks – dry but cold! Training has begun though, and I am enjoying getting the miles in after taking November off.


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