11 October 2014

Very exciting – I was able to ride my bike this week, for the first time in three months! Just on the cargo bike for now, to be more upright. And having the electric assist doesn’t hurt when my fitness isn’t what it was….

My arm is still in a sling – the bicep isn’t working yet. But I now have enough grip strength in the hand (despite it still being somewhat numb) that once I place it on the handlebar, I am able to hold on and operate the brake. I did a tentative 6 miles on Wednesday, to test the theory. All seemed fine, so I was able to take myself to an appointment on Thursday, and actually went out for over an hour today. Tomorrow I will do the long awaited ride to the store!

Workwise, things are going pretty well, I have adapted to working with my arm in a sling. And actually just finished up frame number 100! Working hard to try and get caught up after two months of not building.


  1. Way to go Rob! I can’t imagine what you’ve been through so far. It’s great to see that your coming out the other side and on the path to recovery.

  2. Great news Rob – you should get a trophy for your attitude and courage!

    • Great news rob – you should get a trophy for your courage and attitude!

  3. Congrats on frame 100… and the successful return to the bicycle!

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