10 September 2013

10 September 2013

I seem to have many projects on the go at the moment… One frame at powder, one at paint, waiting for a bunch of studio shots to come back and starting two new builds. Both of which I’m looking forward to – one is a custom 1×11 29er, with the brief to ride just like a 26″ wheeled bike and sport the twin toptubes of my personal ride. The other will be a first for me – a full touring bike based around a belt driven Rohloff hub and featuring custom racks to match. I’m waiting for some tubing and parts to arrive for both builds, but have made a start on the racks in the meantime. And tonight Misha took a walk on the mtb trails with me, so I have some riding photos to share – the new trails are quite the workout :-

The organisers of the Oregon Gran Fondo have something a bit different next month with their Coast Gravel Epic. I’ll be squeezing some 28mm tubeless tires on my road bike and hoping for dry weather! Always fun to be riding out on back roads, so looking forward to exploring somewhere new with this one.

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  1. Cool trails! Building cool bikes like this one, riding bikes, it’s a wonder you have any time to forge paths.

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