10 October 2011

10 October 2011

Winter bike updates! Yes it is coming around to that time of year again, and after two years I made a few changes to my winter bike. The first thing was that I wanted to try out an idea for integrating a rear light into the frame. The extended seattube now features a socket for an Exposure Flare. The light is secured in place by a bolt accessed by removing the seatpost, and cleanly fits into the frame. It is controlled by twisting the lens, either constant or flash, and removing the lens allows access to the rechargeable battery.

The second thing was a pump peg on the seattube – my frame pump fits nicely under the toptube, but because of the slope would tend to slide down; the peg will keep it in place.

And finally (well, except for the new paint!) I added a brazed on trailer hitch – everything is transported by bike here at English Cycles, so this gives me another option for towing gas bottles over the hill back to the workshop!

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  1. That is probably the most intelligently designed winter bike I’ve seen.
    Belt Drive: check
    Hub gear: check
    disc brakes: check
    super sweet looking pannier rack: check
    integral, unstealable light: check
    still looks pimp and lightweight: check.

    I want one for commuting in London!


  1. Found! English Cycles’ integrated Exposure Flare tail light - Bike Rumor - [...] See more details at Rob’s Winter Bike Updates post here: [...]

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