10 June 2012

10 June 2012

The organiser of the Oregon Gran Fondo just sent me this great finish line shot from last weekend. Typical bike racers trying to get the wheel over the line first – I would have been better off with my left foot forward (with the timing chip on that ankle), or even ripping it off and throwing it ahead of me!





  1. Did you choose to race the frame with the extended Ti seatpost over the frame with the carbon ISP? Why the preference?

    • Hi Grant, yes it was a decision to ride the ti-seatpost bike – the course was over a lot of chip sealed forest road, and so I greatly appreciated the additional flex of the ti post plus having a padded saddle. My hands were starting to hurt from the vibration, but no issues from my butt – the excellent Castelli chamois helps too! My carbon ISP is a pure race bike and so the mast is stiff, plus I have a full carbon saddle, so not as well suited to the rough roads.

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