10 January 2014

(slightly belated, but…) Happy new year! The first day of the year means the Polar Bear ride in Eugene – a jaunt round the flatlands north of town, with the middle section the unofficial ‘race’. Normally the ride has cold weather and crazy winds, but these year it was relatively calm but with freezing fog instead. I ‘won’ last year from a two-man break. This year we managed to get myself and my teammate Lee in a three man move, and stayed away (with the fog it was hard to tell what gap we had) to the finish, with a 1-2 for Lee and I. Now back to riding steady until April!

In bike building news the Bosch e-bike continues to have me coming up with creative ways to jig the frame, but making progress, albeit slowly…. Two frames just came back from being painted at Colorworks though, one V3 all set up for Di2, and one extra tiny road frame.


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