1 January 2012

1 January 2012

Happy New Year! This marks the third anniversary of English Cycles being an official business, thank you to all my customers for their support!

Good progress on project ‘RIGHT’ – everything is essentially together now, so I hope to be able to test ride it this coming week. Getting the rear end perfectly aligned was tricky but ultimately successful. There is still some shaping work to do on the stem, and of course finishing work on all the joints, but it is starting to look like a bicycle.

I mostly powder coat frames in house, but with NAHBS coming up I decided to try outsourcing for a fancier finish – Keith Anderson was the man for the job, and so I am now eagerly awaiting the return of the frame (with matching fork and bar/stem).

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  1. Hi Rob, congrats on your business, all of it is earned by yourself, massive credits for your work in the past. Hope to be able to afford one of these gorgeous frames.

    Good luck for you (and your business) in 2012!!

    Cheers, Bas

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