I am happy to build with pretty much any hubs (Shimano, Campagnolo, DT, American Classic, White Industries, Tune, Industry 9 and PowerTap to name a few), please just contact me for a quote. Here are some options that I recommend:

Extralite of Italy have chosen their name with good reason – in many categories they truly are the lightest out there. Careful engineering and material choices result in super light parts that perform.

CyberFrontSL2CyberFront SL:

At 48 grams this is very light front hub, but it still features reasonable sized bearings and a pre-load adjuster. I generally recommend Extralite hubs for special event wheels. This hub can be mated to a rim of your choice from Enve or elsewhere to make a superb lightweight wheel.

  • WEIGHT: 48g
  • PRICE: $180


Hisilicon K3

CyberRear SL:

At 134g this is about the lightest rear hub I know of. Because of the use of a bushing under the freehub body, I generally don’t recommend Extralite hubs for everyday wheels. But the low weight makes for great special event wheels. Shimano or Campagnolo freehub body.

  • WEIGHT: 134g
  • PRICE: $395


With White Industries and Chris King we have two great made-in-USA hubset options. The T11 hubset has proven to be very reliable, and offers a decent weight at a decent price.

T11frontT11 front hub:

A solid performer, other colors available for a $20 upcharge.


  • WEIGHT: 92g
  • PRICE: $140




T11rearT11 rear hub:

White Industries use 6Al/4V titanium for all their freehub bodies, which prevents damage from cassette splines. And remarkably considering the weight, this hub also has a 15mm cromoly steel axle – highly recommended for a strong, durable hub. Other colors available for $20.


  • WEIGHT: 252g
  • PRICE: $320


Chris King needs no introduction; the quality of their product, from headsets to hubs and now even to bottom brackets, is key to their reputation. Being made in an environmentally friendly manner in Portland, Oregon (just up State from English Cycles!) only adds to the attraction. Their road hubs, which offer durability and flexibility (wide choice of drillings and colors) in a fairly low weight package, complement their long running standard and mountain series.

R45 front hub

Typical Chris King construction and finish with low friction seals. 10 color options and 5 year warranty.

  • WEIGHT: 104g
  • PRICE: $199


R45 rear hub

This hub uses a titanium 45 tooth ringdrive for fast engagement, low friction seals and the usual Chris King high precision construction and 5 year warranty.

(plus $30 for a Campagnolo freehub body)

  • WEIGHT: 222g
  • PRICE: $399