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English aero front hubs now on sale:  $225  25% off, now $168

A narrow flanged, straight pull front hub designed to be built into a deep section aero rim. Airfoil end caps for maximising aerodynamics along with the reduced frontal area. Carbon fibre bearing covers, adjustable pre-load. 20h (black) only. 120g.

English Hubs







Also available pre-built into Enve SES rims with Sapim cx-ray spokes:

  • Aero front hub (black) with Enve 20h SES 60mm tubular rim: $1190  20% off, now $952
  • Aero front hub (black) with Enve 20h SES 60mm clincher rim: $1265  20% off, now $1012

All wheels come with Enve brake pads and valve extenders, clinchers also include Enve rim strips.

Rear wheels available to match at the same discount, please contact me for pricing.

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