Zak’s V3

Zak’s V3

Zak of Skunkworks Bikes in Australia asked me to build him a V3 frame – aero downtube with Enve carbon seatmast and headtube insert. An Extralite headset holds the Enve 1.0 fork in place, with a painted-to-match 3T stem.

Colorworks applied a dark grey paint with black chrome logos (silver from the side, gets darker as the angle changes until it disappears).

There is a very nice report on Zak’s bike here on Cyclingtips, and it is also featured on CycleExif.

Frameset photos by Tina Buescher, and complete bike photos thanks to Studio Commercial.


  1. You got a good write-up on Cyclingtips, congratulations.

  2. no words.. beautiful bike!! 🙂

    i am wondering why there are so many bikes with short chainstays? i noticed that also you build bikes with very short chainstays. i realize that everything at the rear gets more compact: shorter chain means less stretch, shorter rear triangle means stiffer/lighter. are there any other benefits? with this move (short chainstays) isn’t the front wheel less loaded, obliging the rider to shift the weight more towards the front? this is my feeling while riding my bike, yet it doesn’t have short chainstays. maybe i am missing something..

    best regards,
    Mircea (from Bucharest, Romania)

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