Tom’s superlight road

Tom (hopefully he won’t mind me saying!) is 79 and wanted a bike built for climbing. He had done a lot of the work for me, drawing up the geometry he wanted and even sourcing the True Temper S3 tubing. I reviewed his design and made a few suggestions; we discussed some options and went through a few iterations before settling on a final layout.

The required bar height is achieved through a combination of a tall headtube and a custom machined long spacer under the stem. Tom wanted to reduce the crank Q-factor a little, so I reduced the BB shell width by 4mm, and correspondingly shortened the Dura-ace spindle too. Parts are all nice and light with SRAM Red, EE brakes and AX-Lightness – which gives a complete bike weight of 13.1lbs (with bottle cages and pedals).


  1. beautiful!

    did you shortened the spindle by cutting at the end of it, or cutting in the middle then bond the two segments?

    being such an upright bike does it have slacker seat tube and head tube angles?
    the chain stays looks longer, right, and are like that to compensate for more weight added at the back wheel (by the upright position), to balance the weight distribution, right? or there is other reason for that?

    best regards,

  2. Thanks Mircea. I shortened the end of the spindle, then removed a corresponding amount from the splines on the inside of the left crank. The angles are little slacker (71 parallel), but the seat angle is to get the saddle in the correct location, and the head angle with 50mm rake maintains good handling whilst increasing the front center. Chainstays are longer to help keep the weight balanced.
    Best regards,

  3. Thank you, Rob! interesting..
    best regards,

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