Tim’s winter bike

Tim’s winter bike

This is the 5th bike I have built along the lines of my original ‘winter bike‘ – the concept for which is to have a low maintenance, fully integrated commuter/training bike.

For Tim’s design, he requested 650Bx38 tires. This extra width meant a slightly more complex rear end – the Shimano Alfine hub has a fairly inboard beltline anyway; the Di2 belt cog is offset even further in to allow room for the motor unit. Trying to line up the beltring at the crank left not enough room for the chainstay between tire and ring. So I offset the rear dropouts 7mm to the right, which resolves the issue. The wheel was then dished to be centered with the frame, and the chainstays were very carefully shaped to symmetrically surround the tire before being asymmetric at the dropouts. There is a custom machined socket at the right dropout to provide a nicely hidden break for belt installation.

I tried to find some suitable fenders for this tire size, but was not happy with the available options. So I decided to make some. Flat fenders don’t work very well as water will get flung out the sides. But it only requires a small lip on the edges to control this – I took some flat aluminium stock and machined a channel down the center, then rolled it to the correct radius to fit the wheels. Fender stays were custom shaped and fastening hardware machined. Having the fenders painted to match nicely finished the project, along with some rubber mudflaps.

The fork was custom built too, with a post mount disc mount and inside mounted fender bosses. The rear pannier rack is integrated as part of the frame. The bike is running a Shimano Alfine 11spd hub, with Di2 shifting from either hand and hydraulic disc brakes. Pump pegs under the toptube hold a painted-to-match Silca framepump.

Custom Powderworks applied the super durable triple-coat powder with painted graphics. And thanks to Tina Buescher for the photos.


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