Stephanie’s Tri bike

Stephanie’s Tri bike

Stephanie has had some fit problems in the past, so she wanted to talk to me about her position and a new build. But with her being based in Europe, I wasn’t able to fit her directly. So we found a good fitter for her to work with locally, and with the resulting numbers I was able to design her bike.

We went with a 3T Vola cockpit, to allow her plenty of adjustment since she hasn’t actually ridden this position on the road yet. A carbon aero seatpost (rather than an integrated mast) makes life easier for travelling with the bike. TriRig brakes are nice and tidy, with the rear tucked under the chainstays.

The black-on-black finish is all powdercoat, for great durability, expertly applied by Custom Powderworks.

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  1. Cool! A lot like the roadie you built me, Rob. Looks like lower bb too. (wow! is it 3yrs?) on and continuing the immense enjoyment, thanks.

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