Stephanie’s FGC

Stephanie’s FGC

Stephanie wanted a bike that would fit, inspire confidence on descents, fit tires up to 40mm, or 35mm with fenders. Oh, and fit into a checkable case for travel…… So I designed and built her bike around my ‘Folding Gravel Concept’ system. This adds discreet pivots at the chainstay/BB and dropout/seatstay junctions, with a telescopic joint at the top of the seatstay. With the pivots loosened, the rear triangle can then be folded flat under the mainframe, allowing the frame/fork/stem as one piece to fit into a 26″x26″x10″ case (meeting the airline max requirements of 62 linear inches).

With 13spd in the rear, Campagnolo’s new Ekar groupset eliminates the need for a front derailleur, which helps simplify the packing process. The carbon of the groupset and wheels is complemented by lightweight carbon handlebars and seatpost from Schomolke. Fenders were painted to match, as was the Silca framepump.

Beautiful paint is by Colorworks, and the weight comes in at 18.8lbs.


  1. Absolutely stunning

  2. Another great bike!

  3. How do you address hydraulic hoses with a folding bike?

    • There is room for the hose to curve around between the mainframe and chainstays during folding, and the bars sit close enough to the front in the case that the regular amount of hose allows for packing without further action being required.

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