Sheri’s custom TT

I particularly enjoy designing and building for shorter-than-average, light riders – they typically have trouble finding a bike that will fit correctly, and even then, it will generally be very overbuilt, and thus be both heavier than necessary, and likely to give them a harsh ride. Sheri wanted a TT bike – just getting her fit figured out was hard enough, as even XS production bikes weren’t close enough to work from. A full custom fit got me the numbers to design her bike, which is based around 650C wheels. The bike features a custom aero fork and handlebars, and Di2 parts with internal battery and a micro-usb charging port. The frame has the most slender seatstays I have used, to match the build of the rider, and the steerer is 1″ for the same reason, also keeping the bike narrow. The camera was wielded as ever by Tina Buescher .

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  1. wow -looks like she’s pushing a 70t chainring! Awesome build, glad Sheri got herself a fitted ride, and a gorgeous one at that.

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