Scott’s bling road frame

Scott’s bling road frame

This one started out as a fairly standard English Cycles road frame – ovalised integrated seatmast, Enve saddle clamp hardware for the adjustable seatmast cap, wishbone seatstay with seatmast-exiting rear brake cable. Then we added the oversize headtube for a Chris King Inset headset, which allowed me to run the internal cables through adjusters brazed into the headtube. And then Scott challenged me to have the frame copper plated – and having any sort of plating is a first. Copper of course will tarnish rapidly, so after plating and decals a clearcoat was applied. Which was tricky because the copper is so shiny the clear didn’t want to stay stuck! It turned out pretty good, but time will tell on the durability of the finish; hopefully Scott will report back over the next few years!


  1. Any idea how the copper held up? Really sweet!!

    • I haven’t heard, hopefully still nice and shiny!

  2. Alas! This is one incredible… fast… ride! The copper has started to brown around the edges of the bottom bracket and where the brake cable exits the top tube (just a little bit). Overall she has deepened in color as she’s aged. All is well! One of my favorite bikes EVER!

  3. Scott, would you please share the updated picture of how much tarnish it is now. I’m toying with the idea of having cooper plated frame without clear coating it. I like how copper/bronze patina and aged over time.
    Thank you

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