Ray’s V3 rennovation

Ray’s V3 rennovation

Almost ten years ago I built this V3 road bike for Ray. It was English #59! I have since built him a few other bikes, and he decided it was time for a refresh of the original.

An over-torquing of the seatmast cap had lead to a crack in the carbon seatmast, so this and the carbon headtube insert were removed, which also allowed for use of heat for the other modifications, before fresh carbon tubes were bonded in place.

Ray’s position has evolved a little over the years, but I was able to adjust the position with a change of stem. The bike was originally built with Campagnolo EPS electronic shifting – for the rebuild Ray wanted to use 12spd Campagnolo mechanical. So I closed off the EPS wiring holes, and added external routing for the gear cables.

With the modifications done, and carbon glued, it was off to Colorworks for the wonderful paint scheme (inspired by a design by Roger at Svelte Cycleworks). Then assembly, and – ta-da! – a ‘new’ ten year old bike.

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