Ray’s long-ride bike

Ray’s long-ride bike

I have enjoyed a long working relationship with Ray, building a first bike for him back in 2012. Over the years his riding has evolved, and we have worked on other builds together. This bike takes everything he has learnt about what he needs for the type of riding he likes to do, and combines it into one bike for comfortably covering long distances.

The bike is designed around 35mm tires, with clearance for full coverage fenders. The dynamo hub is not present in the photos, but when Ray installs his wheelset, the hub will connect to the internal wiring to power the front and rear lights. A custom bracket was machined to enable mounting the front light on the Whisky fork, and the dropped seatstays help the internal wiring to the rear light bypass the seatpost.

Four bottle cages provide plenty of hydration capacity, and custom bags by Kaibab Customs enable carrying what else is needed. These are attached to the frame with flush, internally brazed bosses. There are additional bosses at the dropouts for fitting a Tailfin rack if extra capacity is required.

Vision aerobars have additional shift buttons for ease of changing gear from any position.

Ray provided some of his own graphics for the paint design, which was executed by Colorworks.

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