Ray’s FRC

Ray’s FRC

Ray liked Adam’s FRC, and asked for something similar, but with a custom rack to match and some artwork similar to Max’s road bike. I’m pleased with how the rack turned out – it mounts using the existing FRC pivot points, and folds up with the rear triangle for packing. Eric at Colorworks co-ordinated with a local airbrush artist for the snake motif on the seattube and toptube.

The build features Alfine 11spd Di2, driven with a Gates beltdrive, and slowed with TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes. The wheels have NoTubes Grail rims with Schwalbe One tubeless tires.

The bike packs down into a 12″x26″x26″ case for airline travel – technically 2″ oversize, but with the long axle of the Alfine hub, much easier to fit everything in than the 10″ case.


  1. Nice build Rob! I am impressed by the travel options for this design. Are the dropouts are Lazer cut stainless? Also, Is the rack only designed for a trunk bag? Custom is just that, custom for the owners specific wants an needs. I imagine you nailed it in that respect.

    • Hey John! I think I heard you moved back to Portland? Hopefully we can catch up sometime soon. The dropouts on this bike are stainless Paragon rockers, to allow for tensioning the belt. And yes, the small rear rack is just for a trunk for day trips. Ray is very happy with it so far! Cheers, Rob.

  2. This is a beautiful combination of utility and tech. I am curious to know what the weight of the total build is and the possible shortcomings to the Alfine 11 combination?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Adrian,

      Total weight on this one is 22lbs (10kg). I don’t see many shortcomings to the Alfine/Gates combo – I have been running an Alfine 8 on my road bike for six or seven years. The hub is a little heavy and perhaps gives up a little efficiency, but the all-weather, no maintenance benefits I think outweigh that for most circumstances.

      Best regards,

      • Thank you for the very quick response Rob. I am considering similar build for the do everything bike including the the gravel hauls as I am in the Midwest, and want to mitigate maintenance and challenges with crushed gravel/limestone. Many thanks for the responsiveness.

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