Project Right #3

Project Right #3

It has been a few years since the first Project Right build, which was inspired by Fairwheel Bikes, and painted by artist Geoff Mcfetridge. Last year I did a mountain bike version, but this third iteration is very similar to the original – even down to having Geoff use it as a canvas. His artwork is over paint and under clear carefully applied by Colorworks.

The front hub is a DT Lefty, but the rear hub is a custom machined unit, which has the bearings pressed into the frame, and allows the freewheel to sit outside the chainstay – no split required for the beltdrive here! A special mount allows a regular flat mount caliper to be used on the front, rather than needing to modify a caliper as I have done in the past.

Total weight is 16lbs.



  1. pretty heavy for only half a bike! nicely done though

    • 16lbs is heavy?

  2. Rider weight limit?

    • Everything I design and build is specific to each customer; in this case the rider is 165lbs.

      • I totally understand this, Rob.
        But if, let’s say, 220lbs+ customer would want such bike – is it doable?

        NB: I’m not 220lbs 🙂

        • Hi Alex, yes it is doable. There would be a few small design changes to ensure strength at critical points, but I can essentially build a similar bike for a heavier rider.

  3. You really are doing things that no other builder could conceive, much less execute. These days, it’s become very hip to be a frame builder, and there are some who can build a very nice frame. But none – not a single one of the major “rockstar” frame builders – can hold a candle to the kind of innovation you bring to your work. I’d really like to see you build an e or e-assit bike; I imagine you would do at least one or two things that no one has thought of yet.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words Dave. I have done a couple of electric assist bikes – one is a Bosch cargo bike that I have been riding for a few years now. It has turned out to really be a great tool for a car-free setup. And I just completed a Shimano Steps build for a local rider (will be posted soon!).
      Best regards,


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