Nuvinci Cruiser

Nuvinci Cruiser

Yes I like building race bikes. But sometimes it is good just to sit up, ride easy and watch the world go by! So why not do that in style and comfort? This is the heaviest English single bike yet at 30lbs, yet thanks to the massive 29″ tires and supple frame it rides so smooth it doesn’t matter. Helping the smoothness (and the weight…) is the NuVinci continuously variable internally geared hub. No more trying to find the ‘right’ gear, just twist the shifter until the pedalling rate feels comfortable. And with the Gates belt drive, the drivetrain is completely silent. Beautiful wooden fenders from Creative Openings in Washington add to the style and function. Internal cables for the rear disc brake and gears run inside the twin toptubes, whilst the front brake cable runs through the stem, steerer and fork. The twin bladed fork was designed to give the wide clearance needed for the fender and tire, but also adds a certain amount of ‘give’, and a nice styling to the front end.



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  1. This is one of the most beautiful bicycles I have ever seen, both mechanically and aesthetically. Excellent!


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