Neal’s Road

Neal’s Road

Neal asked me to build him a road frame for general riding and a bit of racing. He was fitted by a local shop in Portland, and then I designed his frame with an ovalised, integrated seatmast. The mast is custom external butted and shaped, with an adjustable cap for fine tuning saddle height. The mainframe has a True Temper aero downtube and custom bi-ovalised toptube. Wishbone seatstays and s-bend chainstays complete the build. The Ultegra group came from Neal’s old bike, giving a complete weight of 18lbs with his Ultegra wheels, or just under 16lbs with the Enve wheels shown. Finished in a stealth black powder coat with gloss black decals.

I want to thank you quickly, before I say anything else.  I would have never thought to have such an amazing piece of art and engineering… Cycling has become a major part of my life in the last couple of years, and I think its safe to say that this bike – because of you, is going to continue to add to this.


Thank you for letting me come and pick up in person.  Seeing your space, other bikes, and you makes purchasing a custom bike the absolute most gratifying  purchasing experience. I wish everyone had the opportunity to take part in something like this when purchasing a bike.


I went on a 3 hour ride today – and I’ll keep this part short with a more thorough review to come after time.  That being said –  my riding experience is entirely changed,  coming from several bikes that didn’t fit properly.  I was quicker on every segment of my ride in comparison… and the big difference was when I was usually exhausted after a climb or sprint, I found that I could keep going at a higher level.  Post ride, I have more energy too.  Huge noticeable difference too is when descending.  The thing just sticks to the pavement and over compensated braking into all of the turns.


Thank you again for this amazing experience.  For your amazing patience, and your unequivocal engineering and craftsmanship.


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