Mitch’s road bike 2

Mitch’s road bike 2

Earlier this year, I built Mitch a bike. Unfortunately, inside a week of riding it, he had a terrible altercation with a Camero. I’m very glad to say that he survived, but not without serious injury. After my incident last year, I can very much emphasis with what he has to go through with healing and physical therapy to get back to health. My very best wishes go out to him.

Mitch’s bike came back to me, and it was very interesting to observe the damage. The frame was very badly damaged, being bent and twisted in several places – but it remained in one piece and the paint was hardly touched! The Enve fork and bar were pretty much destroyed, but remarkably, the Campy Record group didn’t even have a scratch anywhere! The Enve wheels just needed a small amount of truing. So we had most of the parts ready for a new frame.

Understandably, Mitch wanted to make a couple of changes to the frame and paint so that it wouldn’t be like getting back on the same bike that he went through the crash with. We went with a different stem, which dropped the headtube a little, and switched to a bi-ovalised downtube. The new paint was applied by Colorworks, with Team EC blue accented with white and Chris King blue.

It might be a while before Mitch can get back on the road, but hopefully having the new bike waiting for him will help keep him motivated for a fast recovery!



  1. An absolute beauty. Good luck getting back on the road. I can really relate!!

  2. Thank you Ben and thank you Rob! I am getting close. I have been able to ride my resistance trainer with a 135 BMX crank with no pain. Rob suggested the shorter crank. Just need to develop a bit more knee flexion before I can turn my usual 172.5s. That Camaro Rob mentioned was going about 70 mph from my left. Besides a badly broken pelvis and three lumbar vertebral compression fxs, I had about a dozen fractures of the left tibia including the tibial plateau. My surgeon calls it a “classic bumper injury” meaning the front bumper of a car. Rob is right; I am motivated that much more by this beautiful new bike.

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