Max’s road bike

It is always great to build for local riders – I worked with Max through fit, design and specification to produce his request for a lightweight, comfortable bike with low gearing and a narrow Q-factor. The first was achieved with a compact light steel frame, the second with wide rimmed wheels, 25C tires and a long titanium seatpost, the third with a compact chainset and 11-32 cassette and the fourth with an Extralite chainset, which has about the narrowest stance available in a road crank.

Then things got interesting with the paint. Max asked if there might be a way to allow him and his family to add some custom artwork. We worked with Bob at Custom Powderworks who applied the base silver coat. Then the frame came to me to have the decals applied, before going onto Max who used heat-resistant paint supplied by Bob for the artwork. Finally Bob applied the clear powder topcoat to seal everything in.

Thanks to Tina Buescher for the photos.

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