Khiem’s FRC

Khiem’s FRC

Khiem came to visit for a fitting, and after extensive discussion, we settled on building him a lightweight travel road bike, using the Folding Road Concept design.

The geometry was adjusted to get the bars in the right position without too tall of a headtube. SRAM eTap is great for travel bikes, so no cable routing required there. For the rear brake Khiem asked for internal routing – usually I would use a cable splitter under the toptube for detaching the cable from the rear brake when folding the bike. But with that option unavailable, I instead modified the Dura-ace caliper to allow for a no-tools quick release of the cable from the brake.

We couldn’t do a full length seatmast otherwise the frame wouldn’t fit in the case, so to match the extra bottle location that affords, I asked Ruckus Composites to add bottle bosses to the rear of the Enve seatpost.

The deep metallic powdercoat was applied by Custom Powderworks. The bike as shown weighs in at 15.8lbs, and packs into a Co-motion travelcase.


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  1. always a pleasure to see your work

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