Julian’s race bike

Julian’s race bike

A while back I built a super-commuter for Julian, and he decided he would like a lightweight steel race bike too. He visited for a fitting, and we decided on a Di2 spec with EE brakes and some carbon upgrades to keep the weight down. We also went with nickel-silver for the fillets – this is stronger than brass, so less of it can be used to save a little weight on the frame. It doesn’t give quite the flowing join of a traditional brass fillet, but weight was the priority for this project. The tubing is a mixture of Columbus and True Temper, with an Enve fork painted to match. The paint scheme, applied by Colorworks, matches Julian’s team kit, and the photos are as ever taken by Tina Bueshcer. Final weight is just under 14lbs.

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  1. Incredible bike, and incredibly good to see that you are on the mend.


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