Johnnie’s FGC

Johnnie’s FGC

Johnnie asked me to build him a travel bike to fit the same as his Shand, but packable for travel. So we came up with a Folding Gravel Concept design, using a US-made carbon fork from HIA Velo to allow for 40mm tires.

The rear dropouts are from Bear Frame Supplies in the UK, with a 12mm thru axle and replaceable derailleur hanger. They have the shape I needed to add the FGC pivot at the top for the seatstays and allow the stays to clear the caliper when folded flat over the chainstays.

This bike was shown at NAHBS and so was treated to a pimped build with parts from THM and 3T – Johnnie’s final build I think will be a little more restrained!


  1. Is it for sale? How much?

    • Everything is custom designed and built for each rider, so prices very with design, options and specification. Please see the link at top for frame pricing information.

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