Jeffrey’s FRC

Jeffrey’s FRC

Jeffrey asked me to build him a travel road bike, but also wanted it as light as possible. He and his buddy Tom put a lot of time into figuring out the parts spec and the overall color scheme to come up with a complete bike weight of, without needing superlight race wheels to get there. The paint is also pretty special – Eric at Colorworks did a great job of getting the matte black and gloss blue/white to play nicely together for a stunning finish.

With the recent opening of Velo B&B, Jeffrey and Tom were able to come and visit EC HQ to collect the bike; it was great to get to ride with them – always fun to be along for that first ride!

Jeffrey’s bike has the new Dura-Ace 9070 Di2, complete with a custom stem to mount the control box (with a Paragon Machine Works four-bolt faceplate), and the internal battery inside the seattube. Routing is all internal, with reinforced holes at the entry points. The cable just has to run externally to the chainstay to allow for the folding mechanism. The headtube has a carbon insert for a bit of bling.


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  1. I am happy to report that this bike rides as good as it looks! I asked Rob to build me a modern steel bike that takes advantage of what steel tubing has to offer, but also includes modern advancements in bicycle technology. I also wanted it to be light (actually, very light!) I requested that the weight be on par with carbon bikes. Somehow Rob exceeded this tall order and built me a bike that is lighter, more stable at high speeds, yet at the same time more nimble on curvy descents than any current high end all-carbon bike. Thanks Rob, I’m beyond impressed. The bicycle is both an amazing piece of artwork and an incredible ride!

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