Jack’s stainless road frame

Jack’s stainless road frame

Jack asked me to build him a lightweight, stainless steel frame for a weight-weenie build along the lines of the first stainless frame I built for myself

I had managed to source some (now discontinued) 953 tubes from Reynolds; these are some of the lightest frame tubes available, able to be drawn very thin due to the high strength of this stainless steel alloy. The frame is very simple, with mostly round tubing, a regular mount rear rim brake caliper, internal routing for the brake, and nothing else added apart from bottle bosses (Jack will run wireless eTap for the shifting).

The frame has a brushed finish, with minimal painted logos by Colorworks.



  1. Cool! What is the weight of the frame?

    • Hi Stefan – 1267g for this one.
      thanks, Rob.

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