Expand-as-you-grow kids bikes

Expand-as-you-grow kids bikes

These were built for twin girls, hence the colours! The frames will stretch from 40 to 48cm toptubes as the children grow, with similar growth adjustment in the seat height and stem. The bikes started out as singlespeeds, but there is the ability to add gears. 16″ wheels and 115mm cranks! The custom bars have a reduced diameter at the grip for small hands.


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  1. Hence the colors? Ahem. Well, my Silk 11.0 anticipated to arrive tomorrow is (hence) Grape Purple which, was my choice. Humm, what that means about me? Long ago when the Schwinn Paramount was one of the premium hand-made bicycles, there were some in an iridescent purple. Think that is the connection for me. If I am going to have a radical bicycle, make the color that as well.

    This is a great idea that dissuades the established notion of bicycles as disposable because they are physically grown out of. I propose that from far back in the development of the bicycle, the wheel size, to an extent dictated the size of the frame fit: the wheels being as large as could be reasonably accommodated by the size of the person riding the bicycle. So as one grows, one would therefore go to a progressively larger wheeled bicycle. If however, a wheel size of 20 or 16 inches is accepted, then it is only a matter of the dimensions of the frame and such. For a child to receive a bicycle of suitable quality that he or she will grow up with it, is something very … noble. A bicycle really does not wear out with use, it is only neglected and not maintained.

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