9 February 2012

9 February 2012

Finished pictures of Stephan’s fork and stem – the commission had mostly aesthetic considerations, so I was pleased with the weights: 448g for the fork and 426g for the stem/steerer.






  1. When you do a stem/fork combo like this, is there a notch of some kind where the two meet to help prevent it coming loose and spinning? (My worst night mare with all forks/stems, quill, threadless etc).

    Is there much play or adjustment in height that can be built into such a stem? I’m guessing thats severely limited by tyre clearance?

    I do love the concept 🙂

    • In this case there is a hole in the fork crown for mounting the front brake. This lines up with a slot in the steerer (slotted to allow for headset adjustment). Then the front brake mounting bolt goes through and both ensures no chance of the fork turning relative to the steerer, as well as giving a secondary clamp at that interface.

      No adjustment for height is possible with this design.

      thanks, Rob.

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