Custom seatmast cap

Galen picked up his seatmast cap, and apparently it all worked out (never quite sure when doing it for other frames that I don’t have available to check the fit!):

The mast topper slid on perfectly – no wiggle, no struggle, and it takes minimal bolt torque to hold it at the right height. In fact, it’s so perfectly sized that it doesn’t slip down under it’s own weight yet moves very easily to dial in height. My first thought was “that is really long!”, but comparing to the old piece it’s more of a visual trick than anything else, due to the top coming up into the rails. I love the ENVE clamp mechanism, too, it’s very slick and amazingly easy to dial in. It’s so smooth and far better than any other piece I’ve ever used. Finally, the saddle-post combo comes in at 2g lighter than my old one, so I’m not giving anything up to have the right saddle and the slick adjustment.
Thanks again for taking time away from the superbikes to work on such a small odd job.


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