Custom Timetrial machine

Custom Timetrial machine

There is a lot of talk about how ‘aero’ bikes are, especially for time trialling. But the simple truth is that the rider is causing most of the drag. Therefore the most important thing is to get the rider into as aerodynamic position as possible. I have been a student of time trialling for a long time – back in the UK you can (and I did!) race three or four TTs a week all season. It is often not possible to get in the best position on a stock bike – for example I have very long arms and so could never get low enough on a conventional setup. To get around this I built an integrated fork/bar/aerobar, and a frame to match with a 76 degree seatangle. This combination enables me to get my back flat whilst holding a powerful position (in 2008 the bike proved itself by taking me to second in the Oregon State TT champs in a time of 51:51 for 40km; in 2009 I went one better, taking the win with 51:13, since then I have claimed two more titles, with a course record of 51:08 in 2011). Weight is a minor consideration compared to drag for a flat time trial, but with a weight of 16lbs the bike is light too. I custom machined both brakes in order to fit them neatly out of the wind. The aerobar extensions are aluminium and bolt on, allowing some adjustment, along with the height of the armrests.

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  1. Hi,

    Great bike!!! Never expected this on a steel frame. How much did the frameset cost?


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